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Enjoy the best in speed and accuracy with the CS-300 coin counter from Donovan Sales Ltd. Based in Vancouver, we provide money-handling solutions that will enhance the efficiency of your business. Using the latest in technology, this model will count and sort coins easily based on their different dimensions. You will enjoy accurate totals and the ability to view the amount of coins in each specific denomination.

CS 300


Optional Coin Tubes for Quick Sorting

The CS-300 is equipped with 8 slots for carrying coins and you can choose the optional coin tubes that are designed specifically for Canadian coins. The optional coin tubes allow you to sort the coins quickly into fixed amounts. This model is perfect for any money-handling business.

*Sizes and prices are subject to change


With the ability to count up to 2,700 coins per minute, the CS-313 from Donovan Sales Ltd. offers speed and easy-to-use controls. If counting and sorting coins is part of your daily routine, we have your solution. Read about the features of the CS-313 below or view a brochure. Donovan Sales Ltd. can also supply you with bill counters, electronic cash registers and the latest touch screen POS terminals.

CS 313


CS-313 Features

Microprocessor controlled with non-volatile memory for storing all data (no battery backup required)
Electronic sensor with no moving parts for accurate counting
Pre-programmed stops
Small coin offset allowing for mixed denominations
3 memory levels including a subtotal, grand total, and separate bag count memory
Easy to use with two clearly marked denomination selector knobs
Automatic disc reverse for jam clearances
High speed – 2,700 coins per minute

*Sizes and prices are subject to change

DSL CS2700

With this heavy-duty coin sorting machine equipped with an alloy sensor, you can now sort coins efficiently. It can count coins at a rapid speed of up to 600 units/min. With its large LCD and control panel, you can check its progress and see how many coins it has counted at any point. Its alloy sensors help it detect metal coins' diameter, thickness, and material to provide accurate sorting results. Interested customers can also buy optional items, including a coin tube holder, coin bag, or an optional printer.


DSL CS2700 Features

Large LCD display
Alloy sensor to detect and sort coins intelligently
600 units/min counting speed
Equipped with counting result, memory, and printing
Optional coin tube holder, coin bag, and printer

*Sizes and prices are subject to change


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