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Providing reliable products to British Columbia and Western Canada businesses for over 100 years, Donovan Sales Ltd. is pleased to offer an array of coin counters that will enhance the efficiency of your daily routine. From basic, entry-level coin counters to automatic coin sorters and even automatic packaging units, we have the model you need. Follow the links to find more information about our quality-constructed coin counters.

Advantages of Coin Counters in Vancouver

While it may seem like our world economy is slowly shifting to debit and credit cards being the primary method of payment, the use of coins is still very prevalent. If you are a business owner, choosing to do your homework on coin counters in Vancouver would be a wise decision. Why? Consider the benefits:

Save Time
When you’re operating a business, you understand that time is truly of the essence. Wasted time means less revenue and stunted growth for your business. Rather than have one of your employees spend an hour or more sorting coins, make the decision to purchase one of the various choices of coin counters in Vancouver that will do the same job in a matter of minutes.
Easy Use
The common misconception about coin counters is that you have to deposit each coin denomination in a designated slot. However, with our coin counters in Vancouver, all coin denominations are deposited in one slot and the counter will differentiate the coins by weight, shape and size.
Digital Information
Rather than having to keep track of the total dollar amount of your coins, the number of each coin or any other metric, our coin counters do that job for you. The totals will be displayed on the main digital screen for your reference.

Having considered the advantages of coin counters, it’s clear that any business without one is losing time and revenue. If your company is still counting and sorting coins by hand, it’s time to make the investment in a coin counter to save time and more efficiently allocate your resources.


If you have any questions about our coin counters or would like any additional information, please give us a call or stop by our Vancouver location today. We look forward to serving you!


Follow the links below in the product descriptions to find more information about our quality-constructed coin counters.


Simple and compact, this model offers value and high performance.


Combining advanced features and easy-to-use functionality, this addition to our coin sorter family is ideal for almost any coin counting task.

*Sizes and prices are subject to change

Coin sorter and counter machine


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