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From entry-level wall and in-floor safes to high-end TL 15 models and even higher security vault doors, Donovan Sales Ltd. has an impressive range of safes at competitive prices. Based in British Columbia and serving clients throughout Western Canada and beyond, we have what you need to keep what is important to you safe and secure. Whether you need to protect rare stamps or the money under your mattress, we have the security solutions to help you sleep at night. Follow the links to learn more about the products we have available.

We are proud to present the Defender Plus Class I and Class II vault door safes for the ultimate in security. With door thickness reaching 8”, these vault doors are meant for securing your largest valuables or copious amounts of currency.

Keep your valuables safe in Donovan Sales Ltd.’s jewelry class vault safes. We have sizes from a subtle 17 cubic inches to our large capacity 45 x 17 x 17 model.

Donovan Sales Ltd. has the high security market covered with some of the most impenetrable safes on the market, ranging from our TL-15 all the way up to our secure bank vault doors.

Protect your valued possessions from the devastation of fire with the help of Donovan Sales Ltd. The insurance company could replace most of your furnishings but important documents would be lost. A fire can also destroy such irreplaceable items like photographs and jewelry. The only way to effectively protect your valuables against fire is through a fire safe.

We carry a variety of pre-fabricated safety deposit boxes designed to fit snugly inside all of our high security safes. Donovan Sales Ltd. in Vancouver will also custom order specific sizes tailored to your needs.

Our wall safes are easy to install, easy to hide and easy to operate. Perfect for home installation, you can hide them behind that Monet you have hanging in the living room. Donovan Sales Ltd. wall safes are available with an easy-to-use electronic key.

Combine safety and convenience with the new touch screen lock burglary safes from Donovan Sales Ltd. Based in Vancouver we offer security solutions throughout British Columbia and beyond.

Our file cabinet safes fulfill your need to keep valuable documents, papers and personal belongings safe from prying eyes.

Keep your important data secure and protect your media from damaging heat and humidity with the help of Donovan Sales Ltd. Avoid the loss of your critical information with one of our data media safes.

We have simple, strong and compact burglary safes that are perfect for small areas like your apartment or office. With a thick steel door, our units are great burglary safes.

Provide your guests with a way to temporarily store their valuables in our easy-to-use hotel safes. These safes are small, maintenance-free units that give travellers the security they need.

We bring you a complete range of Diplomat Safes, including spacious cabinet safes and key cabinets. From homes to hotels, these products take care of the storage needs of every room.


With over 300 safes in store, Donovan Sales Ltd. has the largest selection of sales in Western Canada. We offer personalized site checks to help with installation requirements and provide after-purchase customer care.

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