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Provide your guests with the convenience, security and reliability they need with hotel safes from Donovan Sales Ltd. Perfect for hotels, resorts, offices and even homes, these safes come in a variety of sizes and can be set with either a dial combination or electronic lock.

Premiere Hotel Safes

Donovan Sales Ltd. is pleased to present our line of premiere hotel safes. Read below for more information or view our brochure.



Electronically controlled digital lock with a feather touch keypad is designed to open to the command of passwords decided by the customer. These safes eliminate the risk of losing, duplication or misuse of keys, since a key is not required for operation.
Dual password levels: 2 passwords are provided - a user and master password, respectively. In case one forgets the user password, the master password can be used to open the safe, thus ensuring double safety
3-16 digit password capability: the user and the master password can be set from a 3-digit number to a 16-digit number (a total of nearly 1000 trillion combinations), ensuring complete safety
Auto freeze: after the password attempt has failed 3 consecutive times, the safe will block further attempts for a set time
Progressive lock out: if during the auto freeze time, the keypad is operated, the lock-out period gets extended by another five minutes
The safe is powered by 4 x 1.5 pencil cells that last for one year (assuming four operations per day)
Low battery status indicator
Mechanical override: in case the customer forgets master and user passwords, an emergency mechanical override has been provided which enables the safe to be opened without causing any damage
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*Sizes and prices are subject to change


With over 300 safes in store, Donovan Sales Ltd. has the largest selection of sales in Western Canada. We offer personalized site checks to help with installation requirements and provide after-purchase customer care.

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