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Adding efficiency to businesses throughout British Columbia and beyond has been part of the family tradition of Donovan Sales Ltd. for over 100 years. We are pleased to speed up your daily routine with a wide range of bill counters in prices that meet your budget. From basic, entry-level counters all the way to multiple batch counters, counterfeit integrated counters, and even bill separators, we have all the models you need.

Follow the links below to learn more about our specific models. If you have questions, our skilled associates are here to help.

This sleek and lightweight bill counter with LED display will add speed and efficiency to your business.

This heavy-duty professional money counter offers superior counterfeit detection and a large, high-resolution LCD screen.


Achieve the best in fast bill counting with a crystal clear LED display by choosing the DSL-8800 from Donovan Sales Ltd.


LED display: 4 digits for counting number and 6 digits for value number
Detection: UV, MG, DD
Stacker capacity: 200 notes
Power supply: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Counting modes: value counting Canadian & US, free counting, batch counting, add counting
Friction roller system
Speed: 1000 notes per minute
Hopper capacity: 250 notes
Note size range: 110-185 mm (length), 50-90 mm (width)
Power consumption: less than 70W
Net weight: 5.5 kg

*Sizes and prices are subject to change


Combine accurate, high-speed bill counting with superior counterfeit detection with the innovative DSL-900 from Donovan Sales Ltd.


Heavy-duty professional model
Power-saving mode: auto standby activates when counting has stopped for a set period of time
Counterfeit detection with multiple UV, MG, MT, IR and colour sensors
Large LCD display with high resolution


High speed: 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1500 / 1800 notes per minute selectable
Stacker capacity: up to 500 notes
Add counting
Auto / manual start
RS232 connector: optional
Power supply: 99-245V / 50-60Hz
Hopper capacity: up to 800 notes
LCD display
Batch counting
Auto diagnostic
Remote display: optional
Power consumption: 60W (max)
Weight: 7.6 kg

*Sizes and prices are subject to change

Do you need a coin counter? We invite you to check out our available models.


High-Speed Bill Counters With Led Display

Optimize your money handling with top-quality bill counters from Donovan Sales Ltd. Our family-run business provides Western Canada with cost-effective money-handling solutions that add efficiency and superior counterfeit detection. Find more product information listed below. If you have questions, our team is happy to help.

DSL-N900 Bill Counter

DSL-N900 Bill Counter


Get money-handling solutions for your Western Canada business from our family-run enterprise. Count your cash accurately with a range of discriminators and sorting counters from Donovan Sales Ltd.

2 and 3 pocket Discriminator Bill Counters available as shown in subsequent information shared below. See brochure!

With large and clear LCD screens and image sensors, our banknote sorters help you save time. Meanwhile, our banknote counters are enabled with sophisticated functionalities like automatic calculation and currency recognition, which only add to the efficiency of your commercial enterprise. Discover the product features below. Contact us for more information.


DSL-8900 - 2 Pocket Currency Sorter

A reliable banknote sorter with excellent image sensor technology which can read notes and discriminate the denomination. As a 2-pocket machine, it will help the user count the notes with non-stop operation and provide an efficient working environment.

Non-stop counting operation
When a suspect or different denomination note is detected, it will be separated to the reject stacker, but the counting process will not be interrupted.
Large and clear LCD display
Easy-to-read LCD display provides detailed information and convenient graphic user interfaces.
Two CIS image sensors
Double-sided high-precision multi-spectral scanning of banknote information. With serial number reading, save serial number and image in real time.


Hopper Capacity: Approx. 500 notes
Reject Stacker Capacity: Approx. 50 notes
Display: 3.5" Coloured TFT LCD
Software Upgrade: U Disk
Weight: 15 KG
Advanced identification: light image, infrared image, spectral image, UV optical properties, infrared optical properties, metal wire, digital encoding, magnetic properties.
Stacker Capacity: 200 notes
Counting Speed 800/900/1000 notes/min
Communication Port: 2xRS232, 1xUSB; 1xExternal Display
Power Supply: AC 100~240V; 50/60HZ
Dimensions: 300(W)x330(D)x370(H) mm
Value counter by image sensor technology, mixed denomination counting note counter.
Tables showing specifications of DSL-8900


DSL-9800 - Friction Banknote Counter

Equipped with a touch screen, DSL-9800 supports sorting, banknote authentication, counting, value amounting, value presetting, and many other functions. With 2 pockets, it won't stop counting when counterfeit is detected. Also, it can read and print both USD and EUR serial numbers.

Value mix: 3 currencies at the same time
For mixed dollars, euros, and pounds, the "MULTY" function will automatically calculate the value of each currency, without prior classification of the currency.
Can recognize currency and denomination automatically
TC-8000S can automatically identify the currency during counting by directly selecting "AUTO" mode.
Easy for end-user to collect the money’s data and upgrade software
The machine is updated through the U disk, so the after-sales maintenance and upgrade of the machine is very convenient.


Hopper Capacity: 500 notes
Counting Speed: 800/900/1000 notes/min
Built-in Detection: UV/MG/MT/IR/Colour/Image/ Size/Thickness
Power Supply: DC-110-240V, 50/60Hz
Applicable Note Size: Width 60-100 mm; Length 85-190 mm; Thickness 0.08-0.12 mm
Stacker Capacity: 200 notes
Display Type 3.5 inch Colour TFT LCD Touch Screen & External Display
Optional Device: Thermal printer
Gross Weight: 10 KG
Dimensions: 280(W)x260(D)x315(W) mm

External Display

Thermal Printer (Option)

Tables showing specifications of DSL-8900


Providing Vancouver BC and beyond with business solutions since 1903! POS systems, safes, retail scales, scanners and more!

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