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Donovan Sales Ltd. is proud to present an assortment of Diplomat Safes that suits a variety of security and storage needs on your property in Western Canada. The models we offer come in a range of strong and durable materials depending on their function and with top-notch protection features like smart locks and fire resistance. Their colours and textures add to their aesthetic appeal wherever they are placed in your home or hospitality project.

Browse our list below to learn more. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us.


If you are looking for luxurious storage, this one is for you. Palladium is a top-level premium safe made by 38-year-old Diplomat Safe, known for its high technology and skilled craftsmanship. Exclusive in its design and technology, the elegant and durable Palladium assures peace of mind with its practical interiors and security features, including fingerprint sensors, dual electronic locking systems, chrome-plated active bolts and more. Palladium safes are versatile in their exterior look, with panels and veneers resembling natural marble and plush wood besides those made of stainless steel in different shades.

Find more information and dimensions here.

Cabinet Safes


This understated, elegant design has plenty of room for storing document binders and office equipment of various sizes. With double-wall construction and adjustable interior fittings, the safe is built according to the German Construction Standard DIN4102. It has a top-quality galvanized steel plate and its special anti-rust durable paint keeps it rust free.

Find more information and dimensions here.

Bedroom Safes

DBAUM Premium Safe

Presenting this stylish and spacious safe which boasts a walnut veneer door panel finished in urethane paint. At the back of the door are convenient key-hangers, and the height of the shelves are easy to adjust. The safe is certified 90/60-minutes fire resistance by RISE, SWEDEN.

Find more information and dimensions here.

Home Safes

This unique collection of convenient home safes ensures thorough protection with its Electronic Digital Lock (EDL) system, and is available in various dimensions. They are certified by RISE. On the back cover, they offer optional features of LED lighting and alarms.

Find more information and dimensions here.

Safety Boxes

The AX Series of rugged stainless steel, steel, and aluminum safe deposit boxes comes in various dimensions. Featuring advanced designs, each safety box is secured with solid alloy doors and equipped with UL-listed double-key changeable locks in a satin brass finish. The boxes are great in space as they can be installed against the wall of the vault.

Find more information and dimensions in the product brochure.

Next Fire and Jewelry Safes

We offer the premium range of Next safes whose sleek modern designs and spacious interiors are complemented by sophisticated fire and burglary protection and advanced digital lock technologies. Choose from four exclusive models in unique colour tones.

Find more information and dimensions in the product brochure.

Jewelry Safes

Store your valuables in jewelry safes from this one-of-a-kind collection that is high on protective features and, at the same time, easy on the pocket. These safes come with high-end fingerprint locks, European burglary protection level S1, an anti-drill hard plate and a body made of two steel plates filled in with fire-resistant material.

Find more information and dimensions in the product brochure.

Key Storage Safes

You can store your office or retail store keys in these specially designed key cabinets. We offer 3 models with a capacity of 64, 100 and 200 keys respectively.

Find more information and dimensions here.

Hotel Safes

Discover our range of security boxes for personal, residential use and those that make for ideal investments in hotels. This collection of hotel safes is equipped with external battery packs, emergency keys, expansion screws and optional accessories. Each has a password reset button that can be operated once the safe is open. The safes are made of tough, durable steel and have pry-resistant doors. In smart shades of grey, beige and black, you can even choose safes in customized colours.

Find more information and dimensions in the product brochure.


With over 300 safes in store, Donovan Sales Ltd. has the largest selection of sales in Western Canada. We offer personalized site checks to help with installation requirements and provide after-purchase customer care.

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