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Family-owned and operated since our beginning in 1903, Donovan Sales Ltd. is your source for cash register systems, POS terminals, cash drawers, scanners, scales, bill counters, counterfeit detectors and other money-handling equipment. We’ve expanded our product line to include fire, hotel, data, depository and high-security burglary safes.

Our History

The humble beginnings of Donovan Sales Ltd. can be traced all the way back to 1903, shortly after George Lucas Donovan immigrated from Ireland. He started a business selling typewriters, adding machines, sanitary scales and an assortment of other related products.

NCR Cash Register Sales in the 1930s

During the 1930s our family business continued to grow as George sold NCR cash register systems together with his sons John, George Jr. and Charles. Together, the sons travelled throughout British Columbia, going as far as they could to bring great products to businesses.

One of the First to Bring Innovative Japanese Products to Canada

In the late 1950s, we expanded our product offering and became one of the first companies to import cash registers from Japan. By the late 1960s, we became the first company in Canada to import electronic cash registers and the first calculators from a small Japanese company called Hyakowa Electric, which would later become Sharp Electronics. By this time, Charles’s sons were in the business and we expanded into wholesale and retail distribution throughout North America.

Three split black and white images of the founders of Donovan Sales Ltd.

From Safes to Counterfeit Detectors, We Have a Diverse Product Line

By adding safes, bill counters, counterfeit detectors and other equipment to our product line, we have become one of the most diverse companies to import electronics on the west coast.

Future Plans

Donovan Sales Ltd. will continue to expand in order to meet your exact needs while providing you with the very best products and service available. Now in our fourth and fifth generations, our family will continue to faithfully serve our ever-increasing customer base.

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