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From fast food to fine dining and everything in between, Donovan Sales Ltd. offers a variety of electronic cash registers suitable for any environment. Whether you need a basic cash register or a network of touch-screen systems spanning multiple stores, we can meet your exact needs with products designed for efficiency. Based in Vancouver, we serve clients throughout British Columbia and Western Canada.


Bring a new level of efficiency to your retail or hospitality business with our user-friendly cash registers. Contact us to learn more.


We carry a variety of other equipment and tools required for you to run your business as well. Including depository safes, counterfit detectors, bill counters,  scanners, touchscreens, and printers. Connect with us today!

DSL 500

This cost-effective, fast and reliable printer is great for retail stores and cafeterias. It comes with a range of features such as a multi-line operator screen, rear customer display, system control keylock and a high-quality cash drawer.


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These budget friendly, powerful electronic cash
registers meet the needs of many merchants
by providing big system features in a compact
package. Choose from the ER-260EJ raised
keyboard or ER-265EJ flat keyboard style.

Best used in quick service shops, simple table service applications, independent retail merchants and simple franchise concepts, the ER-900 will add efficiency to your operation. Whether you run an ice cream parlor in Surrey or a small bar and grill in Calgary, Donovan Sales Ltd. has your solution.

The stylish, compact design of the ER-300 series complements any retail environment. The high-speed network enables consolidated reporting and sharing of some POS peripherals in multi-lane applications.


 *Sizes and prices are subject to change

ER-900 Series - ER-925, ER-945

Pos machine pats at glance

For retail merchants


  • Choose a flat model for food service or a raised keyboard model for retail environments

  • Two-line alpha-numeric display shows each item as it is entered

  • Connects to popular POS peripherals

The traditional raised-key keyboard provides 21 keyboard PLU keys and can be expanded by your SAM4s dealer to 63 PLU keys. Keyboard PLUs act like traditional departments for open-priced entries or can be set as preset price keys. Large key size ensures easy-to-read key labels. Merchants who wish to scan can build their PLU file on the fly using the not-found PLU registration feature.


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  • Retail

  • Gift shops

  • Convenience stores

  • Beer / wine / liquor

  • Specialty food

  • Produce

  • Meat

  • Main street merchants

SAM4s ER-920, ER-940 for Food Service

Preset PLUs facilitate fast, spill-proof and accurate registrations. With 150 key locations, the flat keyboard can easily accommodate large menus with preset keys for each item. Where menus change daily with breakfast, lunch or dinner, the paper key-sheet under the overlay is easily exchanged. A simplified cheque tracking feature is available for bars and cafes.


  • Cafeterias

  • Quick service

  • Concessions

  • Ice cream / frozen yogurt stands

  • Hamburger / sandwich shops

  • Pizzeria

  • Coffee shop

  • Bakery

  • Deli

  • Bars

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*Sizes and prices are subject to change

ER-300 Features

  • 192 x 64 graphic LCD with 6-colour backlight

  • 9-digit colourful rear display

  • 2 types of thermal printers: 58mm 1-station / 58mm 2-station

  • 3 types of keyboards: 150 Flat / 91 Raised / 63 Raised

  • 10/100 Mbps ethernet (max. 16 units)

  • Max. 4 ports x RS-232 interface and optional USB series port

  • Max. 20,000 PLU, 99 groups, 99 clerk

  • Daily / periodic reporting, report consolidation

  • Sharing kitchen printer

  • Support auto-cutter, MSR, SD card slot, Dallas / Addmat key

*Sizes and prices are subject to change


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Meeting Your Needs

We offer great prices and great service to help solve all your POS and sales problems.


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