Defender Safes
A range of seven safes with varying storage capacities, for protection of Cash and Valuables against Burglary & Fire.

Defender high Security godrej safes

Model 26

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DSL Defender Safes are a high security Class 3 Burglary Safe with the newest in anti-theft technology. We have a variety of size/shapes to suit your needs. Also the Defender series is capable of bolting to the floor for that added security, and peace of mind.

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  • Fully welded multicorner bend  construction with seamless body.
  • Armoured with a double duty compound of ultra hard aggregates for protection from fire & burglary. For higher classes of BIS specifications a unique TDR barrier used in the form of monolithic slabs.
  • A 83mm thick composite slab protection over entire lock case area of the door.
  • Available in 5 classes in increasing degree of security from Class C to Class AA as per IS:550
  • Oxyacetylene torch,  drill and hammer resistant protection offered.
  • Strong shooting bolts moving both ways.
  • Thick outer shell for complete protection.
  • Unique balanced pressure bolt work.
  • A twelve tank anti-corrosion treatment for all steel components, with a coat of rust inhibiting zinc rich primer.
  • High quality nitrocellulose paint for scratch-free and attractive finish.
  • Also available, safes Listed at UL-USA, as per TL30 specifications.

Locking system
  • Fitted with superior quality dual control high precision 8-lever locks.
  • Drill defeat shield to protect vital parts of the lock and dead locking device.
  • Optional 3-wheel numerical lock and Time lock.
  • Unique safety feature: Excessive force on Handle Shears the Lever Control Bolt thus protecting the Vital Locking mechanism & Locks.
  • Optionally also available with Currency Slot for Day/Night unhindered operations.


  • Safe with safe deposit locker.
  • Additional drawers.
  • Coin slot option for (Day and Night operation).
  • Holder rods for suspending gold bags.
  • Lockable hinged door to divide storage space
  • Steel Stand.


External Dimension
(H x W x D)

Internal Dimension
(H x W x D)
26 25.98 x 20.86 x 22.64" 18.11 x 12.99 x 11.61" 870.82lbs
31 31.10 x 25 x 26.57" 23.22 x 17.12 x 15.55" 1324.97lbs
41 40.94 x 25 x 26.57" 33.07 x 17.12 x 15.55" 1673.30lbs
49 49.01 x 30.90 x 28.54" 41.14 x 23.03 x 17.32" 2372.17lbs
61SD 61.02 x 30.90 x 28.54" 53.14 x 23.03 x 17.32" 2780.02lbs
61DD 61.02 x 42.91 x 28.54" 53.14 x 35.03 x 17.32" 3589.12lbs
81 80.51 x 37.40 x 34.64" 72.63 x 29.52 x 23.42" 5555.84lbs

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